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Posted: 2017/07/08 01:54:21
by rkoppelh

I am setting up a dual boot windows 10 and Centos 7 Digital Content Creation workstation with Raid0 Windows 10 partitions that I'd like to access with Centos.
I understand that a tool ldmtool (package libldm) is available to do this but because Centos/RHEL does not enable during kernel compilation CONFIG_LDM_PARTITION per /boot/config-3.10.0-514.26.2.el7......, that it is not possible to use this tool without creating you own kernel.

Given Centos is aimed at the server community, I find it curious that there no support enabled for Windows stripped partitions for the LDM tool.

Would future kernel update be able to enable to compilation option?

Re: ldmtool

Posted: 2017/07/08 14:36:07
by toracat
CentOS kernels are built from upstream (Red Hat) kernels without modifications (except for debranding). However there is CentOSPlus kernel that can accommodate bug fixes and new features. You can make a request for such changes at .