kvm image is not installing

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Re: kvm image is not installing

Post by owl102 » 2017/05/05 20:36:46

belgeadmin wrote:I know zone is a OS virtulization technique but Oracle use also definition of "nested" for zones.
There are different virtualization techniques, and Zones uses a different one than VirtualBox and KVM: Zones does not use VT-x, but both VirtualBox and KVM do. So you need nested VT-x for using KVM inside a virtual environment running on VirtualBox, which isn't supported by VirtualBox.
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Re: kvm image is not installing

Post by belgeadmin » 2017/05/05 21:05:31

I think there is a misunderstanding.
I can understand vbox does not support as you said.
I will try to do this on my ubuntu. thank you
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