grub-md5-crypt: command not found

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grub-md5-crypt: command not found

Post by yaoyansi » 2016/01/27 04:03:38

hi all,
I'm hardening my centos7 system with this guide ... twork.html
In section Password Protecting GRUB, it says:

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..., and then type the following command:/sbin/grub-md5-crypt
But after I running this command, it complains that
bash: /sbin/grub-md5-crypt: No such file or directory

And yum can't find this file at all.
$yum provides grub-md5-crypt
It says 'No matches found'

Could you tell me how to install this command?

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Re: grub-md5-crypt: command not found

Post by giulix63 » 2016/01/27 08:02:04

That guide is for CentOS(RHEL) 5, you can't expect it to work on 7.
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