NTFS drives on CentOS 7

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NTFS drives on CentOS 7

Post by carbohydrates » 2015/01/31 16:18:37

Hi, that link is dead, and nobody in this thread has actually explained how to fix this. I am currently experiencing this problem, and there really aren't any resources detailing this that I've been able to find - including this forum, as I "cannot use search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." How did you fix this problem? Providing a solution would also help people searching for this in the future.

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Re: NTFS drives on CentOS 7

Post by avij » 2015/01/31 16:29:38

Please describe what kind of problems you are seeing with NTFS. The topic from which I split your message concerned installing EPEL6 on CentOS 7, which is incorrect. The fix was to install EPEL7 instead, solving the problem. If you are indeed seeing the exact same conflict message as the original poster, try yum remove epel-release first.

To get started with NTFS, try yum install epel-release, yum install ntfs-3g, man ntfs-3g.

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