Using lorax for CentOS 7 on embedded system

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Using lorax for CentOS 7 on embedded system

Post by topherc » 2014/12/12 17:10:38

I'm investigating options for upgrading software on a quasi-embedded system. It's a regular x86-64 system, but runs off of a compact flash card. For a variety of reasons I'd like to use CentOS 7.

The final stage of a custom software build process is to create the disk image. It looks to me like livemedia-creator from the lorax package is designed for doing this among other things. This appears to be a replacement for livecd-tools. But I'm having a lot of difficulty getting it to work, and just wanted to ask the community the broader question: Is this the right tool for the job? Does this really work with CentOS? Does anyone have other recommendations? I think what I'm trying to do is similar to creating a spin.

Another approach is to rebuild an installer image with a custom kickstart script and use that to install to the CF (which shows up as /dev/sda). The main difficulty with this is installing updates to the original packages. But in a sense this is exactly what livemedia-creator is supposed to be able to do when running in virtual mode. Anyway, ... any suggestions?


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