sudo usermod

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sudo usermod

Post by N8tiv » 2014/11/16 08:17:17

Hello all… Hope everyone's Holiday Season is going well.

I'm a long time Windows user, slowly making the switch to Linux. Purchased a beginner/low-end Linux VPS, to host some static webpages and hopefully a WordPress blog in its own directory (eventually).
Sounds simple enough, and… It probably is for you old pros.

The only thing I've done to my VPS, "yum update" and created a new user. I gave this new user root privileges "visudo", saved the changes… Disabled login as root. Then rebooted.
Then installed EPEL, so I could install the Cherokee Web server. Haven't quite done that just yet (installing the Cherokee Web server).

After reading a deployment guide and a handful of articles for some ideas on how to set up a Web server, the name I chose for this new user needs to be changed.
Mainly just for organizational use, keeping things organized in a hierarchy tree system. And that's why I need to change the name, the name I originally chose isn't going to help with this.

Now, I know I really haven't done much to my system/set up. But, the comments from this article: ... r-name-id/
Mention something about "System Accounts". UID 0-90, it might have been 100…
I'm assuming that "root" is one of these system accounts and it's UID is between 0-100?

When I go to enter "usermod new_username old_username"… Are there any other changes I need to make? Do I need to manually change the UID for this newly changed username to make sure it's between 0-100, that way it will keep root privileges?
Does anybody have any recommendations on some switches to use with usermod?

I'm going to enter in "man usermod" to read up on the different options and to hopefully understand it a little better, but…
Maybe there's an advanced trick/switch that I could possibly utilize?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and possibly giving some feedback…


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Re: sudo usermod

Post by scottro » 2014/11/16 15:41:14 ... .27s_Login

The ArchLinux wiki is known as a good resource, even though it's for (obviously) ArchLinux.

Anyway, you don't have to worry too much about the UID for this, it's just a matter of sudo usermod newname oldname, as you surmised.
New users should check the FAQ and Read Me First pages

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Re: sudo usermod

Post by N8tiv » 2014/11/17 06:40:10

Ahhh… Thanks Scott! It's nice to know that the articles I'm reading, I'm actually understanding and comprehending them for the most part.

Now, a quick question about the home directory for a user.
Are there software packages/repositories that depend on the home directory's name for any user to remain as "home"?

I read an article stating that changing the port number from 22 is not really a good idea because developers depend on, or… They had written their software to use port 22. (If I remember right, port 22 is the default port to login via SSH?)

I was just wondering if the same thing applied to the home directory for a user.

It's not really a big deal to have to create a couple extra folders, but… It would be nice if I could avoid it.

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