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Error opening file: Permission Denied

Posted: 2014/10/20 14:34:52
by johnknight
Good day

So currently taking the leap from windows to linux.
I decided to start playing around with Centos 7 here in South Africa.

Please note they I am completely new to linux as i have been working on windows for the past 15 years.

I installed centos 7 with no problems, I managed to install samba on centos and am now able to share files on the server.

Here is my problem, I have copied a file over the network to the shared folder on the server, when i try open the PDF on the server, the document viewer comes up with the following error. "Unable to open document, Error opening file: Permission denied"

Just want to know how i can get around this so that I can open this file on the server.

Thanks in advance for your help and your patience.

Re: Error opening file: Permission Denied

Posted: 2014/10/20 16:55:43
by scottro
Assuming you're able to get to the server and become an administrator there (or root if it's a CentOS server) show the results of

ls -l <filename>
I'm guessing that permissions got messed up somewhere, but from the description, it's a bit difficult to tell where. I haven't played with Samba for over a year, though I do have a VERY dated page on troubleshooting Samba in RH based distributions.

Re: Error opening file: Permission Denied

Posted: 2014/10/21 07:03:12
by johnknight
Thanks very much for your help, the problem was actually me. I was trying to open the file on the server with an account that I did not give permission to use that folder.