Centos7 MIB file /agent implementation to monitor cpu,memory

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Centos7 MIB file /agent implementation to monitor cpu,memory

Post by vallikkv » 2014/10/17 13:34:30


I tried to monitor the Centos 7 CPU,Memory and Disk statics using Opmanager(via SNMP) tool.

OID: .

I tried to retrieve data from Opmanager MIB Browser and SNMP walk command and got the following errors
Request failed or timed out. Response PDU received from Error Indication in response: There is no such variable name in this mib. Errindex: 1

Snmpwalk: "End of MIB"

How to monitor the centos server metrics using SNMP? :? :? :?

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Re: Centos7 MIB file /agent implementation to monitor cpu,me

Post by TrevorH » 2014/10/17 16:34:43

Did you open udp port 161 in the iptables rules?
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Re: Centos7 MIB file /agent implementation to monitor cpu,me

Post by aks » 2014/10/17 16:41:01

So the MIB you're interested in is HOST-MIB. In CentOS that MIB is installed along with the net-snmp packages.

Do you install and configure SNMP? Is the daemon running? WHat version of SNMP are you running? Are SNMP packet allowed across the whole network path?

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Re: Centos7 MIB file /agent implementation to monitor cpu,me

Post by vallikkv » 2014/10/21 09:12:31

Hi All,

Thanks for your reply :) :)

The problem is with the invalid snmpd.conf configuration. After the proper configuration, i can able to retrive data using SNMP OID's to monitor the Server.

Below are some of the OID's to monitor Server metrics

Here are some useful OID's on Linux:

Network Interface Statistics
List NIC names: .
Get Bytes IN: .
Get Bytes IN for NIC 4: .
Get Bytes OUT: .
Get Bytes OUT for NIC 4: .

CPU Statistics

1 minute Load: .
5 minute Load: .
15 minute Load: .

CPU times
percentage of user CPU time: .
raw user cpu time: .
percentages of system CPU time: .
raw system cpu time: .
percentages of idle CPU time: .
raw idle cpu time: .
raw nice cpu time: .

Memory Statistics

Total Swap Size: .
Available Swap Space: .
Total RAM in machine: .
Total RAM used: .
Total RAM Free: .
Total RAM Shared: .
Total RAM Buffered: .
Total Cached Memory: .

Disk Statistics

Add the following line to snmpd.conf and restart:

includeAllDisks 10% for all partitions and disks

Disk OID's

Path where the disk is mounted: .
Path of the device for the partition: .
Total size of the disk/partion (kBytes): .
Available space on the disk: .
Used space on the disk: .
Percentage of space used on disk: .
Percentage of inodes used on disk: .

System Uptime: .

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