Installation Issue - No Disks Detected

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Installation Issue - No Disks Detected

Post by S_M_B » 2014/09/21 15:39:06

I am trying ot install CentOS 7 on a system, however the installer only displays the USB stick that I am booting off.

I am using the LiveCD (copied to the USB stick) so I can open a terminal and fdisk/parted/gdisk can see /dev/sda of 160GB and I can use them to delete and create partitions, but the disk never shows up in the list of local disks I can select as an installation target.

This is onto a physical machine, a AMD A6 processor on a ASUS motherboard. It has had Linux installed on it previously (Slackware specifically).

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Re: Installation Issue - No Disks Detected

Post by vanecka » 2014/10/20 14:21:00

You most likely have a GPT partition table on the drive. The installation grub (I think) doesn't support GPT.

Boot with your LiveCD and run parted.
Change the partition table (assuming you want to loose all data on /dev/sda):

Code: Select all

parted /dev/sda
mklabel msdos
unit gb
mkpart primary 0 160
It should not be necessary to create partitions using mkfs, but you may.
Reboot and start installation again... hopefully you see your drive now

Hope it helps.

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