Remove systemd??

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Remove systemd??

Post by scottcris » 2014/08/14 03:03:05

Is there any way I can remove systemd and revert to the way things used to work??
This is just ridiculous I know I can make my own init scripts but geez the thing takes over my whole system, if not I'll just have to not use centos, fedora etc i guess. Please let me know.

Thank you

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Re: Remove systemd??

Post by TrevorH » 2014/08/14 09:52:04

No, systemd is too deeply embedded to be removed
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Re: Remove systemd??

Post by spifmeister » 2014/08/16 03:51:46

systemd takes getting use but in my opinion is worth it. You can move back to Centos 6.x branch, which still uses sysv and upstart, if you wish. Wikipedia article on systemd will tell which distributions to avoid if you cannot reconcile yourself to use systemd.

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