apache not working

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apache not working

Post by evansmb » 2014/08/13 00:49:24

I installed the web server from the centos install disk. But apache doesn't seem to answer requests. I've disabled selinux, I have verified http request are getting to the box with tcpdump. apache is running. there was no index file so created one and set the owner to the apache user. When I look at the access_log and error_log it doesn't show any new logs from the previous attempt to access the index file. Would any one have any suggestions for resolving this issue?

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Re: apache not working

Post by TrevorH » 2014/08/13 01:15:05

Did you open the firewall? Try firewall-cmd --add-service=http and if that works the run the same command again with --permanent to make it... permanent ;-)
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