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Gnome themes

Post by Imaskar » 2014/08/01 13:57:35

Hi. I know, you guys are really busy due to recent release, but...
I'm trying to install some themes on CentOS7 and I'm new to linux. Most of the instructions are for CentOS6- or Ubuntu, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.
So, my actions:
-search for GTK3+ theme on
-download, unpack to ~/.themes
-Utilities-Tweak Tool
-set GTK+ theme to new theme (user-themes extension is installed)
-controls appearence is changed
-window borders are NOT changed
-icons are NOT changed
-in Tweak Tool "current theme" and "icon theme" lists do not contain new positions
Expected result:
-new GTK look
-new icons look
-new window borders

Am I doing something wrong?
Example themes: ... ent=165724 ... ent=154296 (didn't find any instructions, unpacked to ~/themes, no new positions in the Icon theme in Tweak Tool)

Posts: 2
Joined: 2014/08/01 13:40:32

Re: Gnome themes

Post by Imaskar » 2014/08/12 14:39:54

Update: icons should be unpacked to ~/.icons
Still no insight on window borders.

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