problem with installation from PXE

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problem with installation from PXE

Post by azimuth » 2014/07/24 07:48:00

Hello i try to install CentOS7 from PXE but everytime i get error

dracut-initqueue curl 22 the request url error: 404 not found
Warning downloading http://localrepo/centos7/images/product.img failed!!

my config file :

menu label ^1) CentOS 7
kernel centos7/vmlinuz nomodeset
append initrd=/centos7/initrd.img ramdisk_size=1000000 ip=dhcp method=http://localrepo/centos/7 devfs=nomount

From the Network side everything is fine i have a ping to localrepo.

I use same configuration for 6.5 and everything is fine but with CentOS7 ...


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Re: problem with installation from PXE

Post by TrevorH » 2014/07/24 09:16:36

Your nomodeset is on the wrong line and needs to move to the append line.

I use a loopback mounted iso image of the DVD on my http server.

Your initrd path starts with a leading / and probably shouldn't.

I use repo=http:// not method=http:// but I think either works.

What is devfs=nomount? That sounds suspect to me.

product.img and updates.img are optional files that may be present on the PXE server and you can ignore 404 errors for those.
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Re: problem with installation from PXE

Post by azimuth » 2014/07/25 12:38:18

I change config file

kernel centos7/vmlinuz
append initrd=centos7/initrd.img ramdisk_size=1000000 nomodeset ip=dhcp method=http://localrepo/centos/7
repo and method function is a same right :)
devfs=nomount i used before for old kernel now i remove it
After load everything i stuck on " Installation summary" Software: Error setting up base repository" when a click on this tab i find a correct link everythings is fine but i cant install with this error. button Begin installation not activated

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