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Custom install from DVD

Post by johnalam » 2014/07/18 13:01:43

I just installed 7 yesterday from a DVD, however I was unable to find a place where I could do a custom install.

I would like to install KDE, web server, samba, libre office, and really anything that I want to.

Am I missing something, or is Linux (Centos etc) moving more and more towards Windows and Big Brother?

Can't login as root in GUI, everything HAS to be dome from command line.

My impression of Linux was that it gave users the opportunity to screw up if they wanted to.

What gives?

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Re: Custom install from DVD

Post by screwballl » 2014/07/18 19:45:11

RH7 took away the custom install options, and since CentOS is being taken under their wing, they also removed the customizable options.
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Re: Custom install from DVD

Post by TrevorH » 2014/07/18 19:58:45

Well, CentOS have always rebadged what RH provide so it's not a case of "because CentOS is taken under under their wing", it's because CentOS always follows what upstream ship.
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