Edit files in CentOS VM from Windows

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Edit files in CentOS VM from Windows

Post by abhishes » 2014/07/16 22:43:57

I have a very basic question. I have installed 3 VMs of Cent OS 7 using Virtual Box.
I can ping the 3 VMs from my windows host.
I have also (tried) to install cygwin on my windows host.
I plan to run the VMs in headless mode.

now how can I edit the files inside of my VMs from inside windows?
can I SSH into a VM from my windows terminal (using cygwin) and then edit the files?

Can you please give me the steps so that I can setup this configuration.

I believe there is some complexity of key exchanges and setup before I can login into my VMs from windows.
I also tried to download and install cygwin but it gave me a very long list of software to install... what is the minimum critical components from cygwin which are needed to meet my requirements above?
(BTW, is cygwin really needed? can't I ssh into centos just using windows?)

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Re: Edit files in CentOS VM from Windows

Post by Greg_E » 2014/07/17 00:53:08

If you only need to ssh then look for Teraterm v.4.x or use PuTTY for Windows.

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Re: Edit files in CentOS VM from Windows

Post by vonskippy » 2014/07/17 02:09:08

Use Putty and FileZilla Client (in SFTP mode).

Be sure your VM's are setup in BRIDGE MODE for their networking.
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Re: Edit files in CentOS VM from Windows

Post by dejanst » 2014/07/17 09:45:03

I use Putty for SSH and WinSCP for SFTP.

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