grub install fails on Raid1 3TB

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grub install fails on Raid1 3TB

Post by AiYoriAoshi » 2014/07/10 03:35:44


when installing CentOS 7 on a Raid1 with 2x3TB disks, installation will fail due the bootloader reporting an error as it cannot be installed.
The problem seems to be the biosboot partition, which the installer will only create on one disk, regardless whether both disks are selected or each is selected manually for that. Only 1 biosboot partition is allowed and installation fails.

When creating a biosboot partition manually via parted before, installation will succeed, even if the biosboot partitions are left as unknown.

I am using the following partition layout:

biosgrub (2MB as limited by installer)
/boot 1GB (RAID1)
swap 8GB (2x4GB)
/ 3TB (RAID1)

I'm not sure whether this is a bug, expected behavior or I am just doing it wrong?

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Re: grub install fails on Raid1 3TB

Post by jabuzzard » 2014/07/11 14:46:12

A work around, and in my opinion a better way of doing this is to put /boot on a USB thumb drive or USB drive module depending on what sort of headers are on your motherboard. Makes like a whole bunch easier and I just run an rsync script to copy /boot onto the RAID1 once a day in case the USB drive goes bad. There is no RAID on it so best to have some sort of backup.

With this method you can also make that RAID1 a RAID5 or RAID6 just as easily.

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