1Gb RAM: Don't use HTTP/Everything for installation

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1Gb RAM: Don't use HTTP/Everything for installation

Post by beaver6675 » 2014/07/09 02:44:17


I am testing text mode kickstart installs on minimally resourced VMs.

Trying a kickstart/HTTP source with 1Gb/1 core/no swap hangs if the source tree is from Everything (8000+ packages;
although only 297 are used for Minimal). Anaconda gets stuck at package 52/297 share-mime-info and the loop device takes 70-90% CPU.
Anaconda spins and doesn't make any further progress.

Is this because of the dependency checking for 8000+ packages?

The following scenarios work with 1Gb/1 core/no swap VM:

1. HTTP tree is from DVD (3000+ packages to resolve). 297 package minimal installation finishes with no problems.
2. Everything DVD, using cdrom source instead of url source.

If the VM is given 1.5Gb RAM, then the HTTP installation from Everything tree succeeds.

So a warning to folks trying to use minimally resourced VMs is to install with 2Gb at least and downgrade later, or don't use Everything
for installation.

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Re: 1Gb RAM: Don't use HTTP/Everything for installation

Post by anderson_thomas » 2014/07/10 08:48:24


Ive tried install CentOS-7 under a CentOS-6.5 Host with KVM using the resources
- 1 GB RAM
- 1 CPU
and WITH graphical kickstart installation.

I installed one system with "Minimal" and one with "GNOME Desktop", both are running
with no problems.


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