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Desktop tweaks: How to set up a number of workspaces

Posted: 2014/07/08 23:40:36
by addw
I have it running under KVM under centos 6. I needed to reset the display height to avoid having an up/down scroll bar in vncviewer.
I find that I needed to give it 2GB to get snappy performance.

One thing that (for me) is a must have is a fixed grid of workspaces so that I run certain tasks in fixed places.
How do I do that ? I seem to be able to create lots of workspaces, but they are one above the other, not in a grid.
They are also only created when I use them - I want to create a grid of 12 (3 x 4) and then run applications in that.

I also want to add a few applications to the menu bar, most important the terminal emulator. How do I do that ?

I have a nasty feeling that Gnome 3 won't let me do the above.

Thanks in advance.