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Migrate CentOS-6 KVM-Host to CentOS-7-Host.

Posted: 2014/07/08 07:08:03
by anderson_thomas

I have a CentOS-6.5 KVM Host with ONLY CentOS-6.5 virtual Guest. Now I would like to ask, which is the best method to migrate the CentOS-6.5-Host and the CentOS-6.5 virtual Guests to CentOS-7.

1. Save the Guest and install the Host-System new under CentOS-7 and start the CentOS-6.5 virtual Guest under a CentOS-7 Host system?
2. Create new CentOS-7 virtual Guests on the CentOS-6.5 Host system and migrate the CentOS-6.5 Host at the end?

Thank you for your opinion to that.

p.s. Sorry, but at this moment, I did'nt have a second Host Hardware available, this is the reason of the question.