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Minimal Install ISO's for 7?

Posted: 2014/07/08 01:33:59
by Monsta_AU
Hi all;

I am very pleased to see that 7 has been released, and am busily downloadng now.

This release has me a little concerned however - my normal installation routine for servers is to use the minimal install ISO and then add what I require for that installation. It seems that we do not have a 'Minimal' ISO image for 7.

Are we being asked to run the NetInstall version instead? I'd prefer not to have to download the full ISO for a simple Minimal install.

Re: Minimal Install ISO's for 7?

Posted: 2014/07/08 07:26:03
by TrevorH
The release announcement contained this text
Given the popularity of the minimal install ISO in CentOS-6, we are going to try and deliver a minimal install ISO for CentOS-7 as well. One key challenge here is that the installer image has grown to nearly 360MB, and getting enough content into a CD size image is proving hard.

Re: Minimal Install ISO's for 7?

Posted: 2014/07/09 23:34:11
by Monsta_AU
Thanks for the reply Trevor. I skipped over that when reading the announcement.

As for the size of the install - I don't think many of us would care if it fits on a CD or not. I think we are looking for a minimal install without needing to download (or store) the full ISO.

I would be more than happy having a bash script included with the netinstall which we could run which then took the system up to an equivalent of the v6 minimal. Keeps everyone happy, and minimal work required.

Re: Minimal Install ISO's for 7?

Posted: 2014/07/10 05:52:47
by lightminer
I have the same base case as Monsta_AU, which is simply that we use it a ton on network shares and the such, it is much easier to deal with compared to many GBs. So, from my perspective, it doesn't matter if it fits on a CD, as long as it is the true 'minimal' version of Centos as it was in 6, then all is great. 360 MB is no problem at all, doesn't matter one bit.