the server cache quickly rises to full

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the server cache quickly rises to full

Post by adira.pratama » 2024/02/12 07:36:10

my centos 7 server version is : 7.9.2009
Memory size : 16GB

i have issues with buff/cache size, my buff/cache is quickly increase gradually until reach its full size (16GB).
if the buff/cache is full , all application is terminated and cannot be started again, so i need to restart the server to reset the cache.

i also do a monitoring by command htop and it shows that the cache is only around 1GB , and the used memory is 15GB.

i have checked the application that i've been using (media control platform from genesys) and there's no error related to caching.

i need help to find the solution for this issue, is there anything i should check more?

Thank you

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Re: the server cache quickly rises to full

Post by Whoever » 2024/02/12 14:06:47

First of all, I suggest that you read this page:

Post the output of the "free" command.

What's killing the applications? If it's the OOM killer, there will be entries in the logs. However, if it's the OOM killer, once the misbehaving application has been killed, you should be able to restart it. Are you sure the applications that you want are not running?

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Re: the server cache quickly rises to full

Post by TrevorH » 2024/02/12 15:47:45

I suspect a bug in the application. I've recently seen something similar with a freeswitch instance where it ran for 4 days and gradually the available RAM on the server reduced yet nothing appeared to be using it. The totals shown in top did not add up to the amount of RAM on the machine. Restarting the app immediately restored the "missing" RAM. I have not done any investigation of this to find out where it was going but the only thing that had changed was an upgrade of freeswitch to the latest 1.10.11 version. We've backed that version out now and the problem has not recurred.
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Re: the server cache quickly rises to full

Post by joeroot6543 » 2024/02/25 18:20:03

I am also encountering this issue. It seems like the buff/cache size keeps increasing gradually until it reaches its full capacity of 16GB. When the buff/cache is full, all applications are terminated and cannot be restarted without resetting the cache by restarting the server.

I've monitored the system using htop, which shows that the cache is only around 1GB, while the used memory is at 15GB. I've also checked the application (media control platform from Genesys) and found no errors related to caching.

I'm seeking assistance to find a solution to this issue. Are there any additional checks or steps I should take? Thank you.

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