Centralized configuration controls solution(s) for CentOS?

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Centralized configuration controls solution(s) for CentOS?

Post by ByersW » 2022/08/03 15:26:04

I've been working on a controls package to configure CentOS devices according to company requirements/policy.

Being able to centralize the distribution and maintenance of these controls (cloud solution or otherwise) would be hugely beneficial as these machines are not guaranteed to be in the same building (or state for that matter).

Does CentOS offer any functionality that would help accomplish this? If not, what has been found to be the best fit for centrally managing CentOS systems?

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Re: Centralized configuration controls solution(s) for CentOS?

Post by jlehtone » 2022/08/03 16:39:31

There are several configuration management systems. For example: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Salt.

Red Hat has documentation and "system roles" for Ansible. They have "Ansible Tower" (?) solution too,
but one can use Ansible without that.

I've installed Ansible (on CentOS 7 "control machine") with:

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yum install centos-release-ansible-29
yum install ansible
When one runs ansible (ansible-playbook), it connects to remote machines with ssh and applies configuration as expressed in "inventory" and "playbook".

Alternatively, one could install Ansible to managed devices and have them run "ansible-pull" regularly. The "pull" retrieves inventory and play from a (git) repository and applies to localhost.

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Re: Centralized configuration controls solution(s) for CentOS?

Post by TrevorH » 2022/08/03 16:49:45

I use puppet to do this sort of thing. I think Red Hat still have their Satellite product though it's now a bunch of other projects all packaged up together.
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