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Main website problems?

Posted: 2021/04/09 10:01:08
by MartinR
I received a message this morning about excessive bounces which purported to come from the CentOS lists. I've tried logging in several times and the screen just hangs. Then I had a problem with the mailing lists section of the website returning an error message (sorry, :oops: didn't record it). Now clicking on the mailing lists just hangs.

Does anyone know if there are problems with the mailing lists? Does the webmaster?

Re: Main website problems?

Posted: 2021/04/09 10:16:51
by TrevorH
I would guess, without any knowledge, that it suffers the same problem as the wiki does. Spammers attack it on a regular basis and attempt to treat it as, say, a wordpress install. They overload it to the point where it no longer responds - I was just reading that the VM that runs wiki.c.o is currently under attack and has a load average of over 70.

It may seem counterproductive but the place to report this would be the mailing lists...

Re: Main website problems?

Posted: 2021/04/09 11:12:50
by MartinR
Catch 22!