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Is this a valid mirror?

Posted: 2020/06/12 13:34:18
by 4232jl
I noticed that one of the CentOS mirrors ( resolves to ""
According to ARIN, the IP address belongs to "NEXCESS-NET" or LiquidWeb.
I checked the official list of mirrors and neither the Nexcess nor LiquidWeb mirrors resolve to that IP.
How do you know that is a legitimate CentOS mirror?
Or if no longer belongs to, whom do you contact to change its reverse DNS?


Re: Is this a valid mirror?

Posted: 2020/06/12 16:51:30
by TrevorH
Almost all CentOS mirrors are on donated machines on donated ip addresses. The mirror scripts in use on the CentOS side look at your ip address and send you a list of the mirror sites that are closest to you geographically. CentOS does not control the dns entries for the mirrors nor the reverse dns entries, those are done by the donator of the mirror node. I do see that there is a in the mirror list.