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Stream iso unavailable

Posted: 2019/12/23 11:21:59
by veehexx
when i attempt to download the stream DVD iso via, i get the following error.
firefox & chrome show the error. wget receives a 404.
The requested branch/release/arch/filename does not seem to be valid, please check your input
I've found the iso via one of your mirrors so i'm downloading from there (pending checksum match) so hopefully i'm good, just an fyi that's it's not currently available via the direct link.
also, the stream iso doesnt appear to exist as a torrent

Re: Stream iso unavailable

Posted: 2019/12/23 17:11:50
by PRandal
Works for me. The CentOS Stream 8.1 .iso is now available for download. Maybe mirrors hadn't synced up when you tried.

I expect the torrent link will be released when all of 8.1 is officially released.



Re: Stream iso unavailable

Posted: 2019/12/23 19:13:02
by toracat
There was indeed an error in the name of the iso file on the CentOS web site. This has since been corrected.

Re: Stream iso unavailable

Posted: 2020/01/03 09:30:23
by nishabhabi01
hello guys

That's the message I get. I followed the instructions to the letter in the guide. The only console message I get is "streamlink starting" and then immediately "streamlink done" followed by the error message.I've look at the hosts file and it's all correct. Even pinged

Anyone have a clue?