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Additional Repositories Update

Posted: 2017/01/14 15:30:49
by l2g
With respect to this link on your wiki, what are the parameters to add another repository here?

I wouldn't mind adding to the list if I'm able. I mostly just blog about new stuff and create new packages that aren't otherwise already available to people. But I place all of what I put together here. For example this blog took me about half a month to bring nodejs up to speed with RHEL/CentOS 7. I repackaged over 300+ nodejs packages including the core binary itself so that it could all work together (dependencies all handled).

Anyway... i host all the source RPMs too for those who question my honesty and i sign all of the packages to hold integrity towards dnf and yum.

I successfully created a CentOS Wiki user, but i don't have edit access to that page (which is understandable); so the next best thing i thought would to be just asking in here. :)