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Posted: 2016/08/08 03:02:15
by srendi
Timeout issue when updating/installing bash ... x86_64.rpm

I'm running a kickstarter config and when i do a yum update the bash package errors.

I just tried to dl it from a windows browser, and after approx a 2 minute wait, the save as dialog becomes available.


Posted: 2016/08/08 06:22:17
by avij
Might be an IPv6 issue. See if warns about issues.


Posted: 2016/08/08 15:49:10
by gerald_clark
This is not a website problem.
Can this please be moved.


Posted: 2017/05/26 20:25:53
by CaViCcHi
There's hundreds of mirrors to choose from

for example this package can be found at ... x86_64.rpm

just the first one that came up from google :)

when you're missing a specific package, if you're confident with the shell and linux in general you can just

yum install ftp://thathost/thatonefile.rpm