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Missing posts.

Posted: 2014/02/24 22:18:53
by gerald_clark
Twice now in the last two days, I replied to a post, and the post displayed in the thread.
A very short time later, when viewing unread messages, my post was gone and another post was in its place.

Re: Missing posts.

Posted: 2014/02/24 22:26:39
by TrevorH
I've lost posts recently but mine have been when I made a post at the same time as someone else and the "Submit" button promptly then displays a confirmation along with the new post that's been made in the meantime and asks for a second "Submit" to confirm that your own post is still useful. I'm so used to it saying "Ok" and just doing it that I hit the back button in my browser and the post is lost because I didn't confirm it.

Are you sure yours don't fall into the same category?

Re: Missing posts.

Posted: 2014/02/24 22:31:29
by gerald_clark
The thread displayed with my post at the bottom.
Later it was gone.

Re: Missing posts.

Posted: 2016/08/19 08:37:28
by davis1508
It may be the silliest guess, but are you sure that your post wasn’t delete by moderators? :oops: