New look: old places

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New look: old places

Post by jlehtone » 2014/01/08 06:32:43

Old fora were in
New fora kept an alias, but the New Look does not.

However, centos-indexhtml-6-1.el6.centos.noarch has the old url.
No worries, go to CentOS Bugs to make a note.

... the New Look has no Bugs, or I'm blind.

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Re: New look: old places

Post by arrfab » 2014/01/08 09:10:15

previous links (calling /modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?) are now redirected correctly to the phpbb forum.
A call to would redirect to but you're correct when you say that there is no direct link on the new website to
I take note and forward to people maintaining the website.

Thanks for reporting that !

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Re: New look: old places

Post by toracat » 2014/01/08 09:24:57

I managed to find a link to ;) And filed bug reports.
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