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Forum Upgrade

Post by CarlosinFL » 2010/09/17 12:45:10

I remember almost two years ago someone mentioned that the Forum software would be updated to something much more user friendly and I was wondering what ever happened to that plan? I like the community and the forums but the software used is just very poor in my opinion. I would love to see 'phpbb' or 'vforum' software which can really be more helpful for users when they come here for help / support. Is there still a time line to upgrade the CentOS forums?

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Re: Forum Upgrade

Post by pschaff » 2010/09/17 13:01:15

There has been no recent traffic on WebSite 2 on [url=]centos-docs[/url] or [url=]centos-devel[/url] MLs, nor any recent edits to the [url=]WebsiteVer2[/url] Wiki page. Last activity on the Wiki seems to have been 11 months ago or so. Last message on centos-devel I see is from [url=]May[/url]. If you wish to volunteer to help please post on centos-devel.

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