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Forum Software / Theme

Posted: 2009/11/20 20:37:26
by CarlosinFL
Does anyone else find the CentOS forums to look rather messy? I noticed that when reading mutiple replies in one thread, with the plain white backgroup, the forum software does not do a good job of separating where one post ends and another begins. It's not unreadable or anything like that but it does run all together. I am use to Debian and Arch forums that use a nice PHP software and neatly individualise everyone's reply. Is it possible to look into this in the future if CentOS decides to overhaul the forums? I think it will make the forums more attractive and not so much more functional but easier on the eyes and just cleaner.

Re: Forum Software / Theme

Posted: 2009/11/21 13:11:30
by AlanBartlett
That, and many other aspects (unified login for website, bugtracker, wiki, etc), are currently being looked into. ;-)