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Website Wishlist

Post by jimwillshe » 2005/03/03 11:16:07

Hi all, a couple of website-wishlist items - for when you guys are sitting with your feet up ;-))

1) Allow Forum usernames longer than 10 characters
2) Have a "keep my logged in" function.



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Website Wishlist

Post by mattboston » 2005/03/03 16:41:32

If you go into your profile there is an option to remember your username/password, so when you go to login it is already there. But it was decided that sessions shouldn't last more than 10 hours in case a user was using a shared computer. As long as you check the forum once every 9 hours 59 minutes, you will stay logged in forever :-D

Personally, I think we should have sessions that last for at least a couple days or more. Gmail has a 2 week session which is nice.

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