Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible

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Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible

Post by JackLittle » 2011/01/09 04:44:36

I am new to Centos and been studying this book ( per se bible?) can anybody else recommend an more "step by step" guide?

sorry in advance if this is answered somewhere else, I just wanted to hear some recommendations from the moderators, thanks-

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Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible

Post by scottro » 2011/01/09 06:07:02

If you look at https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=47 you'll see that there are some books, including the one you mention, listed there.

Note that one can buy them for end of life (EOL) versions of Fedora, which will still cover CentOS 5.x, very cheaply on Amazon.

Of course, fairly soon, CentOS 6.x will be out, and there will be some changes, but they're usually not so drastic that the older books aren't useful.

As well as the links posted above, I always think newcomers should look at http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LinuxQuestions_org/How_To_Ask_a_Question

from Linux forums, which has some really good tips on posting questions. (That's not a criticism of your question, in this case, you probably gave all the information needed.)

Another useful book, in my opinion, though a bit expensive, is the RHCE exam prep guide by Jang. Although it's not aimed at beginners, even a beginner can get quite a bit out of it.

Again, it is, as far as I know, still aimed at RH/CentOS 5.x rather than the soon to be here 6.x

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