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Login page

Posted: 2009/05/28 07:10:32
by colo
I want to change the message in the login page.. but I don't know the name of the file and the folder where I can find it.

I have centOS final 4.4
After booting, when al the services have been loaded, on the screen appears a black window with two lines:


hostname login:

(where hostname is the name of my hostname, for example "myHouseServer".)
This page is not graphical, it's plain text and here I login as root.
I want to change the message "Welcome!" so can anybody helps me?

thank you so much.


Login page

Posted: 2009/05/28 12:34:55
by AlanBartlett
That is a very old version of [i]CentOS 4[/i] you are using. The current version is 4.7 -- with 4.8 in the build system.

As far as I recall, that [i]Welcome![/i] message comes from the [b]/etc/issue[/b] file . . . but as I only have access to a [i]CentOS 4.7[/i] system, I can't be absolutely sure.