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Large UFS file systems on CentOS 4/5

Posted: 2008/04/02 16:03:10
by slarti71
Attempting to setup a CentOS 4 server to backup UFS formatted SAN volumes.

The volumes were created under Solaris 9 in two flavors.

1. 6 volumes, largest is 200GB.
2. 3 volumes between 830GB and 945GB.
When these volumes were formatted the -T option was used to allow for growth over 1TB.

I can see all the volumes presented to the linux server, but can only mount the 6 volumes list as #1 above.

When I attempt to mount the 3 large volumes I get the following.

root@bs0:~# mount -r -t ufs /dev/sdu1 /accup/data3/
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdu1,
or too many mounted file systems

I take this to mean the -T option is incompatible with the UFS support under

Am I correct? Is there a workaround?