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CentOS 4 easy and fast installation project

Posted: 2008/02/20 00:53:58
by section1
Hello all

I post because im doing a project to install CentOS 4 remotely or locally from a another distro without rpm program
I have a project called arlinux( is a mini floppy/usb distro for recovery and firewall purpose

For example you can install a debian system remotely(ssh) with debootstrap and I want to do something similar
with CentOS and without rpm program, so I create a minimal base of CentOS 4.6 system and i make a tarball
The file size(compressed) is 120 mb uncompressed the base system is like 450mb

So you can decompress the tarball in a partition, chroot to it, make some change in fstab and lilo.conf reboot and you have a
CentOS 4.6 fast and easy. Then you can install more software with yum of course.

I make a copy&paste style How-To here:

I search installations of centos with this method or similar in google and dont found much
So if you have any good ideas or good recommendations for this project, are welcome...


PD: My english is very bad, sorry.

CentOS 4 easy and fast installation project

Posted: 2008/02/21 21:05:18
by arrfab
what's wrong with kickstart ?

Re: CentOS 4 easy and fast installation project

Posted: 2008/02/23 17:19:10
by section1

I never use kickstart but i read the basic docs and dont support ssh
but i read that support vnc instalation so its a VERY good option
for remotely instalations.

But personally i prefer instatalitions from ssh and not with X

I have to read:
How KS installs the rpm from the network ?

I think, its mount a "root" image from "base" directory
with the necessary programs and then install the system.
comps.rpm 19-Nov-2007 16:16 9.4M
comps.xml 19-Nov-2007 12:59 558K
hdlist 19-Nov-2007 15:58 8.3M
hdlist2 19-Nov-2007 15:58 22M
hdstg2.img 19-Nov-2007 16:13 16M
netstg2.img 19-Nov-2007 16:13 16M
stage2.img 19-Nov-2007 16:14 75M

I dont have any doc about this, if anybody knows this step and what are this files, please post.


Re: CentOS 4 easy and fast installation project

Posted: 2008/02/23 19:35:05
by toracat
The article "Upgrading to CentOS4, over a remote vnc connection" written by z00dax may be relevant: