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scp 2gb file limit

Posted: 2007/12/12 22:25:28
by vara
I am trying to transfer a file larger than 2GB from one centos system to another. It seems to stop at 2GB. Any solutions to this problem.

Re: scp 2gb file limit

Posted: 2007/12/23 20:40:28
by yyagol
Yes there is , i try to copy a 4.2G file today with scp and got error,
after allot of searching the web it looks like scp is limited to 2.4G.
what i did was using [b]mc[/b] to do the work i'm not sure what protocol it uses
but it makes it even easy to handle .

Re: scp 2gb file limit

Posted: 2007/12/24 02:16:38
by pjwelsh
Use rsync. Not only does it not have that limit, it uses ssh as the transport (by default now). Make sure to use the "P" or "p" option to "preserve" the temp file in case of a network drop (so you don't have to start over). So, something like:

rsync -avP /path/to/source/file dest_host:/path/to/dest/

as a first try. The placement of "/" at the end (or not) makes a difference, so be careful.