Doubt in installing cent OS 4 linux

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Doubt in installing cent OS 4 linux

Post by sukumar » 2007/11/25 22:18:38

I am trying to install cent OS 4 on my already installed windows vista. I want to know how to partition the disk and use it for linux installation. I tried shrinking the volume of C disk and create a new volume from it but am getting error as cannot create new partition or volume as there is no enough usable free space. And I tried doing automatic partitioning while installing linux but it too doesn't work. I am a newbie to linux and I dont know anything about partitioning drives and stuff. Can anyone please provide me a step by step procedure of how to doing it. Thanks..

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Doubt in installing cent OS 4 linux

Post by toracat » 2007/11/26 00:36:48

After shrinking the Windows partition, leave the remaining disk as *free space*. The installation software (anaconda) will then find and use it.

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