A request for help representing your favorite distro and field of Linux

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A request for help representing your favorite distro and fie

Post by bigbearomaha » 2007/08/09 16:02:09

I was wondering if there is anyone here who would be interested in being a MOD or admin at a forum designed to be all distro inclusive and help users with topics that aren't necessarily "advanced" but maybe considered a bit past "noobie".

We call it the "Next Step" phase of knowing enough to not be a noobie necessarily anymore, but not a Guru either. that in between land for which there is a huge need of help and camaraderie.

This isn't asking anyone to "leave" or not be a part of their distro forum, actually, we are looking for people who are active in their favorite distro to be able to help others with the "next step" stages of learning and doing things.


Rabid Fanboys need not apply. This is a forum for learning and sharing on ALL Linux Distros without favoritism.

If you are interested, please PM me.

Big Bear

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