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Push email on Linux?

Posted: 2007/06/15 23:46:56
by SaurusDino
Is it possible to push email to a mobile device (Palm treo, Blackberry) on Linux? I did a search on this forum but could not find anything about that. I know that Zimbra and Scalix are linux flavors that offer that, but their licensing is just like MS Exchange.

No freebies out there? :)


Push email on Linux?

Posted: 2007/07/18 18:16:22
by Mistoffeles
You have to use NotifyLink to push email to phones, Blackberries, et. al., and it's expensive. It plugs into Scalix or Zimbra, and you have to have the Enterprise version, so you are paying for both the cost of the mail server software AND the push software (per client).

It is, however, cheaper than Exchange+Blackberry Server, per client, and you can have as many copies of Scalix as you want running (you still pay per client for premium clients, and per client for the push mail feature of notifyLink).

I consider it much more effective to just use the community version of Scalix (read: free) and have the users check their mail manually from their phones (which should be set up for pop3, leave copy on server, so that they can still get the emails they read on their phone to DL to their computer's email client). The cost of push is just not economical, although we maintain it here because it is government and you know how government loves to waste money.