recover centos(URGENT!!)

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recover centos(URGENT!!)

Post by laiyhman » 2007/06/14 01:53:41


i have windows xp and centos 4.4 installed...and centos bootloader is in mbr...recently for some reason i reinstall my windows bootloader in my centos is gone from the boot to recover back my centos? this is urgent...pls help...

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recover centos(URGENT!!)

Post by arrfab » 2007/06/17 20:14:23

Boot the machine from CentOS CD1 ; launch linux rescue
It will detect your centos partition and give you a shell access . To install grub back : chroot /mnt/sysimage ; /sbin/grub-install hda (or sda if using scsi or sata device)

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