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Migrate CentOS 4 VPS to same on GoDaddy

Posted: 2007/05/10 21:59:49
by paperlion
re: GoDaddy -- I just purchased a CentOS 4 VPS setup from them with 'Simple Control Panel', and want to migrate my domains and sites from a Plesk CentOS 4 setup elsewhere.

I think both GDaddy and this other host do proprietary things with the file structures, and I don't know which files and folders I can copy to GDaddy correctly.

For instance, my existing vps has the client websites here:

with other client site files mostly here it seems:
/var/www/vhosts//"various folders"

GDaddy has it this way:

with other client site files, I'm not sure where! (I've seen a few scattered around the root level structure, but haven't investigated thoroughly - don't really have too much background in this area though either).

Anyway, I would really like to migrate this server to the GDaddy setup without paying them to do it or having to do it from scratch. The other server is still live, and I have and can generate migration, incremental, and ssh or ftp backups -- just don't know which it's correct to upload there. (The static html stuff seems straightforward just following the different structure for public html, but some of the domain/site email tables (email address, alias, and forwarding data) is large and it would be good to get that in place correctly too at least.