CentOS 4

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CentOS 4

Post by mzainal » 2007/03/23 02:57:01

Hi all,

I'm just newbie here. I want to ask about centOS..The benefit using it besides using RHEL.

Thanks you. :-o

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Re: CentOS 4

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/03/23 13:06:38

If you want someone to blame, buy RHEL. If you want the same OS without paying, install CentOS. If up to the second patches are needed, use RHEL. Patches are minorly delayed (but not by much) in CentOS.

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CentOS 4

Post by angryfirelord » 2007/03/23 20:19:05

It's free! It's stable! It's compatible (with RHEL)! It's CentOS!

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