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adding windows xp pro

Posted: 2007/03/19 06:27:40
by thiru_piran
Hi all,

please give some guides on how to add windows pro to centos?

i need to share files between few windows client with full rights to every one.

pls advice on setting up this file server to get rid of windows server. do i need to install any client sw for windows to access the samba? ( i mean like novell client )

give me brief note / reference on doing this (over all procedure for the startup - i can do deep later on)
reference also welcome

advance thanks

adding windows xp pro

Posted: 2007/03/19 09:44:50
by Lenard
If i understand you correctly, you want to use CentOS as a file server for Windows based systems.

No need to 'install Windows XP' as you put it, just install the samba server package and configure the users names and passwords. The manuals explains this in detail;