Compile Kernel 2.6.9-42

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Compile Kernel 2.6.9-42

Post by carcella » 2007/03/05 12:14:40

why when try to execute the command make vmlinuz I have the error : make: *** No rule to make target `vmlinuz'. Stop.

I have execute the make config before!

what I do?

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Compile Kernel 2.6.9-42

Post by Lenard » 2007/03/05 13:15:57

Because your applying old knowledge to new kernel sources, the answer is to not use make vmlinuz.

The steps in order are;

make mrproper or make clean
make menuconfig or make xconfig or make gconfig
make or make all
make modules_install
make install

No other steps are needed.

Please see:

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