Linux OS for a 32 bit mother board,

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Linux OS for a 32 bit mother board,

Post by Darrel » 2007/02/15 06:20:10

Can someone tell what Linux operating system can fit with my P3 processor, 32 bit board, with128 SDRAM memory, coz i would like to switch to Linux, coz am now bored with windows 98. thnx.

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Linux OS for a 32 bit mother board,

Post by foxb » 2007/02/15 14:38:04

CentOS will be running OK in text mode, but to use GUI you will need to double your RAM (at least).

Also is advisable to use XFCE instead of GNOME/KDE.

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Re: Linux OS for a 32 bit mother board,

Post by bobpur » 2007/03/13 02:03:08

I think your PIII will run a lot of distros even with 128 mbs of memory,but you should try to boost that to whatever your motherboard can handle.
Go to : and check out Damn Small Linux, feather Linux, Puppy Linux, Vector Linux, and , maybe, anything with an XFCE gui. (As opposed to a distro with KDE or GNOME.)
If you can't boost the size of your memory, you could add a bigger SWAP partition when formatting your Hard drive. As a rule of thumb your SWAP partition should be about two times the size of the amount of RAM that your system has. in your case that would be 256 mbs for a SWAP Partition. You can always go bigger (depending on the size of your hard drive) but not smaller. Well, you can, but you shouldn't.

Good Luck!

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