install CentOS 4 on external usb disk -- HOW TO

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install CentOS 4 on external usb disk -- HOW TO

Post by harry2377 » 2007/01/24 19:49:00

Hi All,
I tried to install CentOS on an external USB disk attached to my Dell Inspiron.
I did 'boot: linux expert' and partitioned my USB disk.
Then I chose to install GRUB boot loader on the 'first partition of the disk' instead of MBR.
I did that because it wanted to install the GRUB loader on the /dev/sda while my USB disk is

After that, I completed the installation, rebooted with installation CD in rescue mode as 'linux rescue'

The I did all the stuff to make my new initrd with USB support as

mkinitrd --with-usb --preload=ehci-hcd --preload=usb-storage --preload=scsi_mod --preload=sd_mod /boot/usbinitrd.img 2.6.9-42.EL

Then I changed my GRUB conf file to point to my new USB initrd. And changed the boot sequence in BIOS to boot from USB Storage.

But when I boot the machine it gives me following error:

GRUB stage 1.5
Error: 15

Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

I also have one confusion. My Grub conf file has entries like

hd(0,1) etc.

should it not be hd(1,0) and hd(1,1) becaue USB disk in not primary disk. please explain ??


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