Is LVM a complete waste of time?

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Re: Is LVM a complete waste of time?

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/01/26 20:50:14

fthomas wrote:
thanks a bunch for your reply! Very, very interesting. I am going to take a bigger peek into rdiff-backup. Do you use it for both your onsite and offsite backups/dr's?[/quote]

For us, the DR site is about valid and current data offsite (oh crap a tornado). Onsite is about the normal restoration issues (last hour, last week, last month etc). We use rdiff* for onsite and rsync for current to DR (plus programatic DB restore for our Informix DB's to validate archives).

[quote]Does the compression offer you faster backups, or is it faster to just backup uncompressed data?[/quote]

rdiff* handles normal user files and we keep 60 days "live" on the NAS box (plus we put to LTO2 tapes because we are paranoid). The DB current archives are pbzip'd (keeping original file) into a new name for historical purposes. We keep 60 days on the NAS box of all of the level 0 and Level 1's for the DB's (pbzip'd). We do NOT use rdiff* to handle the DB archives. We find that we are better off compressing -> rsync'ing -> uncompressing -> restoring based on the DR I'net connection than using the rsync "-z" option. Nothing like squezing a 20GB DB archive into 3ish GB's in under an hour. This issue is also about the *amount* I get to keep online. So, more of the BIG files compressed are better than fewer (days) uncompressed.

Honestly, I do end up keeping 30 days of DB archives on the DR site "just to make sure".

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Is LVM a complete waste of time?

Post by Lanny » 2007/02/01 17:41:59

After I ordered the CentOS 4.4 Installation DVD (slow dial up connection here), I Downloaded six (6) of the Red Hat Reference Manuals for RHEL, from the CentOS web site. I don't remember which manual it was in, but, Red Hat does *not* recommend LVM to those who are not expert users of LVM. You might download the reference manuals and study what Red Hat has to say about LVM and Backups.

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Re: Is LVM a complete waste of time?

Post by WhatsHisName » 2007/02/01 18:22:50

But oddly enough, Redhat uses LVM by default in Fedora installations (since FC3?), unless instructed otherwise.

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