Where encounter the list of packages

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Where encounter the list of packages

Post by burjans » 2006/12/26 21:44:44

Somebody knows where I can see the list of packages that I can unload apt from CentOS, I need clamav and amavisd-new or to mailscanner.

I have formed centos.list as it follows:

# URL: http://www.centos.org

### CentOS-4 APT repository

rpm http://www.centos.org/ centos/4/i386 updates extras

I want to install those packages that I mention with apt not to have problems of dependencies.

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Where encounter the list of packages

Post by Lenard » 2006/12/27 15:13:17

Add the rpmforge repo to your configuration;


Remember CentOS4 == RHEL4

You should get used to using yum instead of apt BTW, RHEL5 will be using yum for updates and hence CentOS5. Unfortunately apt is badly broken in the multi-lib environment (32 and 64-bit mixed mode) and is not offered in the RHEL5 beta's.


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Re: Where encounter the list of packages

Post by bishopolis » 2007/06/26 08:52:42

It's only disappointing that YUM was unable to properly provide something like 'apt-get build-dep' provides. Working without seems like such a step back into dependency hell.

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