CentOS 4.4: new Bluecurve artworks ...

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CentOS 4.4: new Bluecurve artworks ...

Post by brisch » 2006/08/28 23:03:05


i just installed version 4.4 from the isoredirect server and saw the new artwork
(and got a little shock of the big logo on the grub splash screen).
My question - is there also this new artwork on upstream's U4 release or is this
CentOS specific (cause it have a touch of the Clearlooks theme of Fedora Core
5 / 6 without the bubbles) ?

Or had the original wallpapers (and the nice computer on the boot up screen) to
be removed because of trade mark issues?

The light blue wave looks good, but many users wonder when their default
wallpaper will be replaced when CentOS 4.4 is fully released and an nightly
yum update is made.

Is there someone who is using the upstream's original product to say more?



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